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3 de abril de 2012



The nintendo ds lite is the neeswt version of the nintendo ds. the set up (microphone, charging lights) is a little different, and i think it looks better. I would recommend the ds lite, but they are both satnd alone systems. And if you need to get her a game too, i would recommend Animal Crossing: Wild World. It is a good game about a little town you live in with other animals where you can fish, catch bugs, explore, go to the museum, and much more. My little cousins love it.I hope this helped.

Claudia Claudia

hola quisiera saber donde da consultas en mexico nsoy de mexicali mi caso es tengo una cñada de 23 anos le dan ataques de epilepsia lan an llevado con muchos doctores y no le encuentran nada desde
ue cumplo 9 meses le empesaron adar me puede ayudar

claudio castro rojas

tengo una hija de 9 años con adem ya le ha dado dos veces quisiera saber el trata miento


Congrats to the UMSVP! What an achievement wnining this competition for the second consecutive year! I watched with such pride as the local news networks covered your victory last night and this morning. The car looks amazing in the footage they broadcast and it's so wonderful to see the U of M leading the pack in such a cutting-edge engineering project as this. Travel safely back home. Cheers!


Feb16Chris ok how much do i like this song, lol! Mainly because Dougie gets to sing the chruos, it's great that his voice is finally being showcased on this single.I've always wanted them to release Transylvania' as a single but never thought it was possible (being a b-side to Star Girl). The video is not what i expected, bit disappointed to be honest. Plus the live performance of the single on the Al Murry Happy Hour' wasn't that great. Yes me being too critcal.


Congrats from an old advisor. You hold up the all-nighter eftofrs of past years proudly! I remember saying in one of our meetings . We need a quick-change tire system and practice it. Years later this frequent issue seems to have found other voices and taken hold along the way. Good going all.

Maria Jose Nava

Mi sobrina tiene 3 semanas hospitalizada producto de la ADEM, la han estado tratando con corticoides y otros medicamentos, pero su reacción al tratamiento ha sido muuuuy lenta. Usted podría apoyarnos en el tratamiento de la enfermedad? Conoce a algun especialista en ADEM? Nosotros estamos en SAn Luis Potosi, México. Actualmente estamos investigando tambien una alternativa en Boston.
Le agradecere su pronta respuesta, estamos bastante desesperados.


Aug17 it really is quite maroelvus and like M&K come back. Which i know sounds incredibly crass but is meant as a huge compliment and tribute

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