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3 de abril de 2012



Bill,Thanks for following me on Twitter. It's asmowee that you have two books out now about you and your MS! Hope you keep writing! I was on Copaxone for a year and I didn't have any side effects from it but I stopped taking it because it wasn't stopping the progression of my MS. I am one of the lucky few that it doesn't really do anything for. You might want to look into Copaxone if you decide being drug free isn't working for you because it has been out for several years now. There are days that I am very tempted to go drug free myself, getting tired of all the pills. Good luck, I really hope it works for you.Lisa


Your posts are helpful to me as I retnecly have become close to a man with MS.Being the advocate for yourself is key. I do believe diet plays a major role in all disease, this of course is nothing new. Doctors are just not trained in the manner of prevention or regeneration. They treat disease. That is where securing your own place for your future lies. Not every diet regime or supplement has the desired affect. But there is value. Ultimately, attitude plays almost equal importance, in all conflicts.Thanks again for your writings. Very helpful and I believe you are making people THINK.Lise

yulisbeth guerrero

Buenas noches! soy venezolana, y tengo una oferta de trabajo en su país pero mi esposo sufre de esclerosis múltiple y se coloca un tratamiento mensual que paga el Gobierno porque es muy costoso, por lo que deseamos información sobre instituciones y cómo es tratada allá la enfermedad.

Espero pueda ayudarnos, muchas gracias

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