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10 de septiembre de 2012



I've been working at the unvtirsiey for 4 months now and I really enjoy it. marsha is right in saying that the unvtirsiey is not in Oaxaca, but is in a small town of 2000, about an hour and a half away. It really is a lvoely little town. i've never felt so safe or experienced ssuch a strong sense of community before. Clearly this isn't going to be a party town, but its still very social. theres often fiestas here or in the neighbouring village, basketball is big if you want to get involved and us teachers always eat together and get together a couple of times a week. And oaxaca is fantastic for a weekend trip. with hardly any expenses in the town, you'l have plenty money left to enjoy.the univeristy is still small, and we only teach 3 hours a day. Wyou'll never have work to take home with you which is a big bonus. you'll always be paid on time and our holidays are guarenteed. the students are great too. I will be honest and say thart disipline is quite strong here, on both the students and the teachers. this is sometimes hard to ajust too, but i still think the students, collegues, town and location outweigh this.So if you're thinking about working here and are prerpared for small town life, i would most definately recommned it.

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