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22 de septiembre de 2012



Question:I amusing this tihnceque to build a helix using a cloner obj. and sketch & toon effect.The issue is on all frames there is a ghosted image of the helix with the sketch & toon fx before the stroke is even on screen.How can you avoid that ghosted image and still maintain the sketch & toon fx?ThanksBasil.Dig the tutorials BTW


Using R13 here. I should have read this conmemt earlier before spending time (no luck) trying to figure out why the 3d Stroke Length TaperFalloff and Offset presets isn't working. Thank you Nick and Chris for all your tutorials.Wish you all the best!!!


I am having the same issue In Cinema 4d R13 only the Thickness pamareter has any effect on the object changing the offset, taperfalloff or any other setting has no effect on the object. Can someone please help!I have searched the web and no solution in sight!


Great tutorial Nick. I am lonvig cinema 4D more and more. I did notice in your CS tools folder you had a tutorial for vibrate null . For some reason it was not in my download. Do you know where else I could view this.

leonardo lopez

tuve un neuritis optica bilateral, cada dìa he perdido mas la visiòn tengo resonancias, campos visuales, èxamenes de sangre ,no sè que màs hacer o donde acudir necesito ayuda, se lo agradezco de antemano dr. jorge villacura

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